Accident Only Pet Insurance

What is accident only pet insurance?

Accident only pet insurance does exactly what it says on the tin - simply put, it only covers your pet for accidental injuries.

Sometimes these policies offer additional cover for accidental poisoning, third party liability, or emergency medical treatment for an illness. However, this depends fully on the individual insurers and the underwriter of the policy you choose. Always double check what is and isn’t covered when it comes to accident only pet insurance.

The main disadvantage of accident only insurance is the fact that it covers the bare minimum. But as a result of this, the main advantage is that it tends to keep the premium low.

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What types of pet insurance are there?

Accident only. Will cover your pet in the event of an accident, but won’t cover long-term illness. There may also be limits on the amount of time and money allowed for treatment.

Time Limited. Covers illnesses as well as accidents, but for a limited amount of time only. These policies may also come with a maximum pay-out.

Maximum Benefit. Covers illnesses and accidents up to a maximum amount per condition, but there’s no time limit on how long you can claim for. This can be useful if your pet experiences a chronic or persistent illness.

Lifetime. This is the most complete type of pet insurance available. It covers accidents, injuries or illnesses for the lifetime of your pet, subject to limits as advised in the policy. These policies can include extras such as dental cover and expenses for burial.

Something to think about…

     -   Accident only is perfect for pet owners who are looking for basic pet insurance. It’s the cheapest type available if you don’t require comprehensive pet insurance, but still want some level of protection for your furry friend.

     -   If you take out accident only pet insurance and decide at a later date to swap to a different type of policy, remember you won’t be covered for any conditions your pet already has.

     -   Sometimes accident only policies have a time limit, so it’ll only cover treatment within a certain time frame - past this date, no cover would be provided unless you continued to renew your policy.