Compare Pet Insurance

When it comes to insuring your pet, an insurance comparison can make all the difference. Searching through various pet insurance providers could lead to the most affordable cover for your furry friend - what’s not to like?

It’s easy to get started. Pop in your pet details, contact details, and specify the kind of cover you’re after. That’s it - compare as many as 15 UK pet insurers within minutes!

Comparing UK Pet Insurance:      the Benefits

When you’re looking to compare the cost of pet insurance, there are different types to consider and budgets to match. For example, an Accident-Only policy might be the cheapest, but it is also the most basic. On the other hand, Lifetime pet insurance is the most popular and comprehensive, but the premium reflects that. The difference between pet insurance policies can vary massively, not only between types of policy, but also depending on the underwriter of the policy itself. That’s one of the main benefits of running a quote through a comparison website - the ability to check multiple insurers and different cover levels against alternative providers, so you can get a more complete picture of the pet insurance market.

We always recommend getting to grips with a policy before you purchase it, to make sure you’re happy with what is and isn’t covered. The policies which we’ll show you all have their differences - so check the cover level, limits, and exclusions to make sure you’re giving your pet the care they deserve.

Recognised Pet Insurers

All of the providers we offer on our online pet insurance comparison cover the UK market.

Almost two-thirds of households in the UK own a pet*, meaning that there are nearly 18,800,000 animals in the care of families all over the UK. With pets requiring treatment for accidents, illnesses, injuries, and long-term conditions, the thought of those costs in enough to panic any pet-owner.


*CMA launches review of vet sector - GOV.UK (

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Saved about 15% by using this website, which is always a good thing, easy to use website,over all a good experience. - M Guest

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Compare Dog Insurance

We often consider a dog as part of the family - but with no state vet care (like the NHS), it’s hard to consider what could happen if they got injured or became poorly. Dog insurance is particularly useful if you don’t intend on paying hundreds or thousands of pounds towards any treatment your pooch might need. By comparing our panel of pet insurers, you can find a policy so that you’re not left out of pocket.

Make sure you consider the cover you need - accident, illness, and injury might immediately come to mind, but what about loss, theft, kennel fees if you’re poorly? Contact the insurer you choose so you know you’re making the right choice.

Compare Cat Insurance

Many people think of pet insurance as purely for dogs, but in recent years it’s become increasingly popular for cat parents to get their furry friend insured. With vet bills on the rise, it’s important to consider protecting yourself against unexpected costs.

Cat insurance usually presents premiums which appear lower than dog insurance policies, but there are plenty of factors that can affect the cost of their policy in the same way. Breed, age, location, and medical history all play their part - so it’s worth comparing cat insurance to make sure you’re getting the cost-effective protection your pet needs.

What are the perks of comparing pet insurance?

The main perk of getting a pet insurance quote by using a comparison engine, is the fact that you can see multiple insurance premiums at once. They’re all specific to the details you enter about your dog, cat, or rabbit, and all 15 of our insurers can provide you an answer in minutes. This will help you bring down costs, and you won’t get stuck with an unreasonable premium.

Comparing pet insurance online is also quick. You’ll save a lot of time by seeing all the results in one place, instead of trawling through individual websites and entering the same information over and over again. It’s time-efficient and convenient to do this just once, and review the variety of choices can offer you.

Now you know what to do - put it to the test and quote today!