Lifetime Pet Insurance

The lifetime pet insurance policy is considered the “standard” pet insurance policy type, it’s what most people think of when considering what they need to insure their pet. Its essentially the most comprehensive and popular type of pet insurance cover available.

What is lifetime pet insurance?

It essentially means the insurer will pay out during the pet’s lifetime up a specific amount for vet fees each year and it helps to protect against the financial costs of chronic or recurring conditions.

There is a max claim amount over the year, sometimes this can be per individual condition, sometimes this is against all conditions in that policies term. That all depends on the insurer and the way they decide to set up their cover so it’s worth checking this before deciding to take out a policy. At the end of the year this claim amount resets as you renew and the cover continues with the medical conditions covered as they were at the point of the policies original start date.

When taking out a brand new lifetime pet insurance policy this excludes cover for any conditions the pet had before the policy starts but will include cover for any conditions year on year that are encountered since you first started the policy. That’s where the “lifetime” part of name applies, pet insurance for just the year would exclude any pre existing medical conditions meaning when the policy comes up for renewal and you switch insurers, those conditions are excluded as they become pre existing conditions to that new insurer.

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What types of pet insurance are there?

Accident only. Will cover your pet in the event of an accident, but won’t cover long-term illness. There may also be limits on the amount of time and money allowed for treatment.

Time Limited. Covers illnesses as well as accidents, but for a limited amount of time only. These policies may also come with a maximum pay-out.

Maximum Benefit. Covers illnesses and accidents up to a maximum amount per condition, but there’s no time limit on how long you can claim for. This can be useful if your pet experiences a chronic or persistent illness.

Lifetime. This is the most complete type of pet insurance available. It covers accidents, injuries or illnesses for the lifetime of your pet, subject to limits as advised in the policy. These policies can include extras such as dental cover and expenses for burial.

Useful Info regards lifetime pet insurance

Different insurers can use names such as lifelong, cover for life, reinstatement, repopulating or renewable benefit policies when they are referring to lifetime pet insurance.

Due to the inclusion of any new conditions, illnesses or injuries being included in lifetime pet insurance the cost can rise when it comes to renewal time and this is something to be monitored. Other factors come into play as well such as rising vet costs, any claims made, the age of the pet and any new conditions plus more.