Horse Insurance

Being a horse owner can be a rewarding experience but it does come with challenges. A horse requires a daily responsibility and can be an expensive endeavour in both your time and money but if your here you will already know this. Besides the day to day care there is boarding, feeding. grooming and exercise to think about.

On the upside should you own a horse you can ride anytime it takes your fancy and you have the opportunity to build a worthwhile connection with your horse or horses.

One thing you may not have considered is insuring your horse, it helps bring certain benefits in case something unfortunate should happen.

Help with medical bills

One of the unforeseen costs with any form of pet ownership is medical costs, we don't know what will happen during our pets life and its no different with horses.

What would happen if your horse was to hurt one of its legs? It's likely to be a visit from / to a vets and large bills to go along with it. Horse insurance could help remove some of these costs with the right policy.

Stolen or lost horses

Your horse could be quite expensive as an initial purchase which in turn makes them of interest to would be thieves. It maybe worth thinking about this and mentioning should you wish to include financial protection in the event your horse is either lost or stolen. Each policy will have different terms and conditions revolving around missing horses so its best you double check the terms and conditons with any horse insurance quotes of interest before proceeding.

Public liability for horses

One potential benefit of having a horse insurance policy could be public liability cover. Should your horse cause damage to either property or injure someone you could be held liable legally for an costs financially. Having protection in the form of horse public liability insurance could be of such a benefit should this happen.

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Why have horse insurance?

Horses can be one of the most expensive animals to own. Unfortunately the costs do add up pretty quickly. Insuring your horse could help negate some of the costs associated with the medical bills. There are more benefits to horse insurance but these can change between policies and insurers and can include cover should your horse be lost or stolen and maybe public liability.

Horse Insurance Excesses

An excess is common place within most insurance policies. Its essentially your cost to claim and by including an excess within your horse insurance policy you can usually make the initial policy premium cheaper.

Comparing horse insurance

One potential way to get a more competitive price when looking to insure your horse is to try using a comparison website.

By using this comparison service you can compare four horse insurers in one place and they will provide the best prices they can to get your business, it couldn't be simpler.