Dog Insurance

Why Dog Insurance is Essential

Nobody likes unexpected bills. They can hit the bank hard and can really cause a problem. The average claim for pet insurance is around £720, but can easily continue into the thousands if your pet has an ongoing condition.

There are many risks when it comes to having a pet. For examples, pedigree dogs are more susceptible to:

  1. illnesses
  2. hereditary conditions
  3. congenital diseases
  4. theft

Different breeds of dog are more exposed to specific problems - larger dogs like Rottweilers are more prone to joint problems, and long-haired dogs like Poodles or Collies are more vulnerable to eye irritation and infections.

Choosing Dog Insurance

With such a wide range of dog insurance policies available, it's important that you do your research and insure your dog with the right level of cover. Luckily, we can help. The benefits of the pet insurance we can offer include:

  1. Loss or theft of your pet
  2. Treatment for behavioural problems
  3. Death due to illness or injury

We want to help you achieve peace of mind, without worrying about those unexpected bills.

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Types of dog insurance:

Protects your pooch in the event of an accident. This type of cover won't insure your dog for any long-term illnesses.

For illness as well as accidents, but only for a limited time or maximum claim amount, whichever hits first. When the policy renews, any conditions your dog had experienced during the previous policy term become pre-existing conditions and won't be covered going forward.

The most complete and popular type of dog insurance. There's cover for both injuries and illnesses for the lifetime of your dog - as always, terms and conditions apply.

Why get dog insurance?

Unfortunately, there's no NHS for dogs. This means that if your four-legged friend becomes ill, gets injured, or has an accident, you're liable to pay all of the costs to get them better. Dog insurance is designed to give you financial help.

All policies are different, and all policies can include optional extras. For example - if your dog goes missing, some policies cover you for a pre-agreed payment if they are lost permanently. Other policies can help towards the costs involved in advertising or rewards. Most policies can also include third party liability, in the event that your dog injures another animal or another person, or causes an accident.

Bear in mind, routine trips to the vet (vaccinations, neutering, dental check-ups) are unlikely to be covered by a pet insurance policy. Pre-existing conditions are also unlikely to be covered if you switch to a different insurance provider.