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Bringing home a new Kitten or Cat can be one of the most exciting feelings there is. It can benefit every member of the family. Make sure you give your new kitten the best start in life possible with our variety of Cat Insurance Policies.

We love our cats and want to do whatever we can help to make sure they are in tip top condition so during the life time of our pet they will no doubt need to visit the vets several times. These vet fees will soon add up and as pet owners this can become expensive. The good news is that pet insurance can help cover the cost of these veterinary bills depending on the correct policy being in place, illnesses or injuries can both be covered or just one of them depending on your individual needs.

Why is Cat Insurance necessary?

Typically, younger cats are more at risk during the important first few months, while they learn about their new surroundings. Due to a cats intrusive nature, most will agree that it can lead to the occasional bump and scrape, leading to the cost of veterinary treatment to get them back to their usual self. These unexpected bills can be nasty on the bank, which no one wants.

The Cat Insurance policies included in this online comparison can help cover many a situation, offering you added peace of mind and allowing you to watch and play with your new ‘four legged friend’ without a worry. With veterinary costs being high (and getting higher and higher each year), insuring your cat is becoming more and more essential. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing that, if your cat falls ill, is injured or hurt, the costs of treatment will be covered.

Lifetime or annual cover?

An early decision to make is whether to opt for annual or lifetime cover.

An annual policy lasts for 12 months, meaning your cat is protected for a year, and you will be reimbursed for any vet’s costs you have during that time.

But what if your cat develops a condition after those 12 months? It might not be possible to renew your annual policy or start a new one, if your cat is undergoing treatment.

For this reason, we also offer lifetime policies, meaning there is no time limit on the duration of the claim, so your cat will be covered for as long as is needed. The benefits of having cat insurance are never ending. PetInsurance.co.uk have you covered.

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Types of cat insurance available

Accident only cat insurance - This type of cover will help cover costs and protect your kitty in the event of an accident, but won’t cover any long-term illnesses. Vet bills, it's estimated are 30% for accident related visits and this could be the type of cover you want for your cat.

Time Limited cat insurance - Covers illnesses as well as accidents, but for a limited amount of time only (typically up to 12 months) or up to a maximum claim amount, whichever hits first. When the policy renews any conditions you car experienced during the last policy term become pre-existing conditions and won't be covered in the latest policy.

Lifetime. car insurance - this is the most complete and popular type of cat insurance available. It offers cover for both injuries and illnesses for the lifetime of your cat (subject to limits as advised in the policy terms). These policies can include extras such as dental cover and expenses for burial. When the policy comes to renewal the max pay out amounts will reset and any conditions encountered since starting with this insurer are still covered. The cost of this policy type may increase as your cat ages.

Why have cat insurance

Unfortunately, there’s no NHS for cats. So if your little kitty gets ill, injured or has an accident, the vet bills will have to be paid out of your pocket. Cat insurance is designed to help cover these costs.

Policies can vary and can include optional extras. For instance, some insurance policies include cover should your cat go missing. This could be a one-off payment up to an agreed limit if your cat is not found, or it could cover any costs involved in advertising or a reward to help find your pet. Most policies can include third party liability, in the event your cat injures someone or causes an accident.

However, routine trips to the vet, such as for neutering and vaccinations, are unlikely to be covered by a cat insurance policy, nor will any pre-existing conditions if you switch to a different insurance provider.