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Persian cats are a great choice for anyone looking for a relaxed, affectionate, and low-maintenance pet. They thrive on human attention and love nothing more than curling up with their owners for a cozy nap. However, they do require regular grooming to keep their long, luxurious coat in good condition.

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Persian Character

Persian cats are known for their calm, gentle, and affectionate personalities. They are generally quite relaxed and laid-back, preferring to lounge around and soak up attention from their human companions and often enjoy cuddling up for long periods of time.

Persian cats can be a bit reserved around strangers or in new situations, but they usually warm up quickly with patience and gentle attention.

Persian Appearance

The Persian is known for its distinctive appearance. It has a long, dense fur that can come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. This includes solid colors, bi-colors and tabby. Due to the length of the coat they do require regular grooming to prevent matting and tangles.

With a sweet and innocent face that many people find endearing the Persian has a large round face with large, round eyes to match. Due to breeding, some Persians have a particularly flat nose which can make them prone to breathing problems.

They have a compact, muscular build with a broad chest and sturdy legs. They are not as slender or athletic-looking as some other cat breeds, but they are still quite agile and graceful regardless.

Conditions which affect this breed

Persian cats can be prone to a number of health issues, so it's important to be aware of these potential problems if you're considering adopting one including:

Eye problems: Due to their large, round eyes, Persians are prone to a number of eye conditions including infections, ulcers, and several other eye problems.

Breathing problems: Some Persians have a flat nose structure which can make it difficult for them to breathe properly. This can lead firstly to respiratory problems but also other health issues.

Dental problems: Persians are also prone to dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. Regular dental care, including teeth cleaning and regular vet check-ups, can help prevent these issues.

Kidney disease: Persian cats are also at a higher risk of developing kidney disease which can be a serious and life-threatening condition.

Polycystic kidney disease: This is a genetic condition that affects some Persian cats and can cause kidney failure.

Persian cats are prone to obesity, which can lead to a variety of health problems, including diabetes, joint problems, and heart disease. It's important to feed them a balanced, healthy diet and encourage regular exercise to keep them at a healthy weight.

Weird Fact..

In the early 20th century, the famous American writer Mark Twain owned a Persian cat named Bambino. According to Twain's biographer, Bambino was his favorite cat, and he would often write with the cat perched on his shoulder. Twain wrote several stories and essays about cats throughout his career.

Persian History

Its thought that the Persian cat originated in Persia, modern-day Iran in the 1600s. They were then brought to Europe in the 17th century by traders and quickly became popular as pets among the upper classes.

The first Persian cats to be shown in cat shows in England were exhibited in the late 1800s where the breed was refined and developed further.

In the early 1900s, Persian cats were taken to the United States where breeders continued to refine the breed. Specifically targetting the long, luxurious coat that is now one of the breed's defining features.

Over the years the Persian cat has undergone several changes in appearance including the development of the flat-faced Persian (also known as the "Peke-faced" Persian) in the mid-20th century. However, this extreme look is controversial, and many breeders and cat lovers advocating for a return to a more moderate facial structure that is healthier for the cats.

Persian Insurance

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