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The Beagle is just a nose with feet as the breed was one described. They have 220 million scent receptors in their nose, 44 times that of a human. The small scent hound possesses great tracking abilities with its nose against the floor leading it to be being used as a detection dog around the world. The Beagle has one of the most developed senses of smell of any dog alongside the Bloodhound and Basset Hound. 

Although originally from England, the Beagle is more popular in the United States and Canada then its native country.

Due to their size and agreeable nature, the Beagle is the most used dog in animal testing for cosmetic, beauty and chemical trials in the US. Its thought as many as sixty five thousand dogs are used each year and they are purpose bred forced to live their lives in cages, the Beagle Freedom Project work to end this form of suffering for all animals, including the Beagle.

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Beagle Character

Known for having a very even and gentle temperament, the Beagle is often a merry individual, hard to train because of their single mindedness. They make great family pets as they are excellent with children but they will often bark when confronted with something new. Beagles are easily distracted by any smells around them and can often disappear following a scent.

Beagle Appearance

The typical Beagle has a white base coat with areas of tan and black, this is know as the tricoloured Beagle. There are several different tricolour coats that can appear, the classic tri which has a black saddle, dark tri which contains faint brown markings running through the mainly black areas and the faded tri, the opposite of the dark tri so mainly brown markings with black faint black. The coat is a medium length smooth fur. 

Bred into the breed, the white tip on the tail is known as the flag. When following a scent and the dogs nose is down, this white tip makes it easier to see the animal as it moves around.

Weird Fact..

The worlds most famous Beagle is potentially Snoopy from the comic book series Peanuts, Snoopy appeared in the third comic strip on the 4th October 1950 and is the most recognisable characters from the series.

Beagle History

In the 1930s, a reverend by the name of Phillip Honeywood created a Beagle pack in the English county of Essex. This pack although not recorded was believed to have been made up of North Country Beagles, Southern Hounds and Harriers. The focus of Honeywoods breeding was in hunting but a Thomas Johnson refined these Beagles to create both a smooth and rough dogs. The rough haired Beagle no longer exists potentially having just been merged into the main Beagle breed. 

Beagle Insurance

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