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Solid, even, incredible chasing canine, of honorable appearance. Practically square, all around built, with profound chest. Unmistakable, etched head with etching under eyes.

Head and Skull

Long rakish and thin at the zygomatic curves. Cheeks lean. Seen from the front, sides of gag merge somewhat. Foreface of good width. Articulated occiput and slight stop. Middle line apparent to mid skull. Estimation from nose to prevent equivalent to that from stop to occiput. In profile, gag profound, straight or somewhat angled. Very much etched beneath the eyes. Seen from the side, the planes of the gag and skull are dissimilar. Nose huge and supple, distending somewhat over flimsy lips. Corners of lips stamped yet not pendulous.


Delicate articulation, genuinely huge, oval, with skintight eyelids. Neither distending nor excessively profound set. Dull ochre or earthy colored, contingent upon coat tone.


Set on level with corner of eyes. Cowhide stretch out to tip of nose. Flexible and collapsed inwards. Base rather restricted, enlarging out yet lying near cheeks. Marginally adjusted tips.


Jaws solid, with an ideal, customary and complete scissor chomp, for example upper teeth intently covering lower teeth and set square to the jaws.


Solid, Shoulders long, all around ripped and very much laid back. Obvious wilts. Top of shoulder bones very much isolated. Forelegs solid and straight with great, oval bone and obvious ligaments. Pasterns of good length, marginally inclining. Place of elbow lies straightforwardly underneath top of wilts.


In general appearance practically square. Length of body, estimated from point of shoulder to point of butt cheek, equivalent to or marginally more than tallness at shrivels. Chest expansive, profound, coming to the degree of elbows. All around sprung ribs. Flank wide and somewhat curved, short and very much ripped. Topline slants somewhat down from raised wilts to center of back, without plunging, rising marginally to expansive, solid croup. Slight fold up.


Docked: Covers private parts. Set on as continuation of croupline. Thick at base. Straight with a propensity to tighten. While moving, conveyed evenly or marginally lower. Undocked: Carried on a level plane. May be marginally bended however never held high or conveyed twisted around the back.


Short, thick and polished. More limited and better on head, ears and forward portion of legs and feet. Skin hard, yet versatile. Shade of skin, eyelids, nose, lips and cushions - pale pink to dim earthy colored, contingent upon coat tone, yet never dark.


White. White with orange, golden or chestnut markings. White might be dotted. Roan with strong markings. On the off chance that chestnut, a warm shade with a metallic sheen is liked. Even facial veil liked, nonappearance endured.


Stature at shrinks: Dogs 58-67cms (22,3/4 - 26,1/4 ins), Bitches 55-62 cms (21,3/4 - 24,1/2 ins). Weight 25-40 kgs (55-88lbs), in relation to tallness.

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Bracco Italiano Character

Solid and untiring, working in a wide range of territory. Astounding scenting capacities. Noble and canny. Strong and versatile, delicate and surprisingly tempered.


Bracco Italiano Insurance

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