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A designer dog breed originating in the United States, the cross between the American Cocker Spaniel and Poodle (sometimes a Miniature Poodle) which started in the 1960s. The aim for breeders was to create a healthy companion dog and the Cockerpoo is considered the first of the "designer" dog breeds. Currently the Cockerpoo is not recognized as a breed by any of the major kennel clubs. 

They can also be know as Cockapoodle, Cockerpoo and Cock-a-poo.

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Cockapoo Character

Cockapos tend to be fun, friendly, outgoing dogs good with people, children and other pets. Due to the intelligence they tend to be fairly easy to train and make a good choice of dog for those who have never looked after a canine before.

Cockapoo Appearance

Most Cockapoos are non shedding dogs although this does depend on where their coat is inherited from. They need regular brushing and are great dogs for potential owners with allergies. Cockapoos can be found in a fair few coat colours including mixtures of several colours.

Conditions which affect this breed

Due to the mix between the two breeds, the Cockapoo doesn't tend to suffer from the health problems as much as the pedigrees it combined from. It can of course inherit any of the health conditions for either side but is particularly prone to ear infections due to the way the ear canal is shaped.

Weird Fact..

In 2021 the Cockapoo was one of the most expensive dog breeds in the UK costing on average almost £2,500.

Cockapoo Insurance

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