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Dachshunds are also known as 'sausage dogs', and are easy to recognise from their long bodies and short legs. They were originally bred to hunt badgers, making them brave and curious. Sausage dogs (or 'wiener dogs') are hugely popular in the UK and the US for their small stature and huge personality.

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Dachshund Character

Dachshunds are a playful and curious breed, and thrive on companionship. They're loyal and make good watchdogs, but this also means that they might not take to other dogs or strangers as well as other breeds. Socialisation is key, especially as Dachshunds can be prone to barking and chasing.

They are more lively than their cute appearance suggests, and are an intelligent breed - this means they can be stubborn when it comes to training. They also love digging due to their natural instinct, so watch out for holes in the garden or against the furniture! It's also worth bearing in mind that their long backs require careful handling to prevent spinal issues.

Dachshund Appearance

Dachshunds are distinctive for their long bodies and short legs, a cute, sleek appearance loved by many. They come in two sizes: the standard, weighing 16-32 pounds and standing 8-9 inches tall, and the miniature, typically under 11 pounds and about 5-6 inches in height. Their coats vary in type: smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired, and in color: from solid to dappled. Their expressive faces, with drooping ears and soulful eyes, add to their unique charm.

Conditions which affect this breed

Around 25% of Dachshunds are prone to a condition called Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD), which is a spinal condition linked to their long spinal column and short ribcage. They are also at risk of brittle bone disease, and kneecap dislodgment.

Weird Fact..

A peculiar fact about Dachshunds is their participation in a unique event known as 'Wiener Dog Races.' These races, held mainly for entertainment and amusement rather than serious competition, feature Dachshunds racing short distances. The sight of these spirited little dogs eagerly sprinting towards the finish line, often with their ears and short legs flapping comically, makes for a delightful and amusing spectacle.

Dachshund History

Dachshunds originated in Germany over 600 years ago. The words dachs and hund literally translate to 'badger dog' in German, indicative of their original purpose for hunting badgers. Their distinct long bodies and short legs were ideal for digging into badger dens and battling these formidable foes.

Over time, Dachshunds were also used to hunt other animals like wild boar and were bred in various sizes and coat types to suit different hunting needs. By the late 19th century, the breed was standardised into the forms we recognise today, and their bold, tenacious character have made it a beloved companion worldwide.

Dachshund Insurance

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