Are all pet insurance policies the same?

Are all pet insurance policies the same?

Not all pet insurance policies are the same, and in fact the insurance can vary dramatically. This can be in terms of the amount you can claim for, how many times you can claim, the exclusions which apply, and also the time you’d like your pet covered for - to name a few!

There are four main policy types when it comes to pet insurance:

  1. Accident Only – Covers you for vet fees following an accident or injury only as per the policy benefits and/or limits.
  2. Time-limited – A 12-month policy - there will usually be a limit to how many times you claim, and how much for.
  3. Maximum benefit – You’ll pay a fixed amount ‘per condition’, as long as the policy remains in force.
  4. Lifetime – A continuous, comprehensive policy which will reset annually regardless of age or medical conditions.

Ongoing cover is always subject to the ongoing payment of premium. If your policy lapses, or is cancelled, your insurer will not provide cover. Check your policy terms and conditions for more information and a detailed explanation of the type of policy you intend to/have purchased.

The ABI have written a helpful ‘Pet Insurance Consumer Guide’, should you wish to know further details around policy definitions:

The Association of British Insurers | Guide to Pet Insurance