What is a co-insurance or co-payment excess?

What is a co-insurance or co-payment excess?

A co-insurance (or co-payment) excess is a secondary payment made by yourself towards the claim amount. This is on top of the fixed excess, which is deducted before the co-payment. The co-payment varies per policy, but it’s usually around 10% or 20%. Once the fixed excess and the co-payment excess have been deducted, your insurer can then meet the remaining cost.

For example:

You are claiming for


You pay the £100 fixed excess

£500 - £100 = £400

Minus your 10% co-excess

£400 - £40 = £360

Amount payable by your insurer, following deductions


Some people opt for the co-pay excess option to make their insurance premium cheaper, but it may mean paying more in the long run. Make sure to consider these options and bear in mind what is best for your pet.

Please note that the amounts, terms, and conditions will vary according to the policy and insurer you have chosen.