What won’t be covered by my pet insurance?

What won’t be covered by my pet insurance?

Across the board, pet insurance providers offer a myriad of different policies, depending on the type, level, and cover limits included. It’s worth contacting your insurer to find out exactly what isn’t covered on your policy, but the following circumstances are not typically covered for a first-time buyer:

Treatment for pre-existing conditions
Injuries, illnesses, or conditions your pet was experiencing before the policy was purchased

Claims during the waiting period
Anything that happens to your pet during the given window (‘waiting period’) after purchasing the policy - this can be anywhere from 10 to 30 days

Routine/preventative treatment or procedures
Vaccinations, boosters, annual check-ups, flea/worm/tick treatments, spaying/castration, microchipping, dental care - note that this is likely to include conditions which could have been prevented by routine vaccinations

Elective procedures and/or treatment
Grooming, claw removal, ear cropping, tail docking, cosmetic treatments not recommended by a vet

Normal pregnancy, giving birth, treatment of offspring - some policies include complications during pregnancy, however if you intend on breeding your pet this is likely to be at your own expense

International care
The cost of treatment abroad, or if your pet is not permanently in the United Kingdom

Administrative costs
The costs a vet might charge to write a prescription, or for documentation you need in order to make a claim (invoices, medical reports, receipts etc.)

Putting your pet to sleep
Euthanasia, cremation, burial, memorial keepsake - check your cover as this is sometimes included under an ‘end of life’ section or as an additional pet ‘wellness’ policy

Exclusions and limitations
Pet insurance policies will include their own exclusions on the cover they can offer, ie. the age or breed of your pet, third-party liability, behavioural issues, bilateral conditions, experimental care