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The Border Collie is the most recognisable sheep dog, its pretty much the standardised breed now. High energy, high intelligence, high stamina, they epitomise what you expect of a hard working herd dog. They love stimulation and physical tasks such as agility training.

They are both one of the fastest and most intelligent breeds of dog there are.

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Border Collie Character

With a Border Collie its all about the exercise, they can be demanding, playful, energetic, they are always alert. With such a working heritage they require a fair amount of exercise and need to be part of a active home.

The Collie was breed as a herding dog and this need to round up is always inside. Being such an intelligent dog they are highly trainable and take well to all forms of sporting activities.

Border Collie Appearance

The Collie is a medium sized dog, very athletic in stature, a strong, agile, lean frame. The coat can be either smooth or rough and in range of both colours and patterns. The typical Border Collie we tend to think of is black and white with a long coat but they come in such a manner of looks and options.

Often considered a trademark of the Border Collie is the "herding eye", an intense stare that the dog gives at times. This stare primarily is to intermediate sheep, its the first part of the Collie controlling the flock.

Weird Fact..

Collie is the Scottish word for sheepdog

Border Collie History

The current variation of the Border Collie originated in Northumberland on the borders of England and Scotland with the sole purpose of herding sheep and livestock. A dog named Old Hemp, a tri coloured dog owned and bred by Adam Telfer was known as the best herding dog around. Several shepherds used the smart and quiet dog born in 1893 in West Woodburn who had forged a reputation for not relying on it bark but more body movements to help herd. Old Hemp become a highly sought after stud dog. In 1915 James Reid, secretary of the International Sheep Dog Society used the name Border Collie for the first time on register to list his dogs differently to other types of Collie.

Roman invaders brought their herding dogs with them, later when the Vikings invaded England they also brought the smaller, faster herding dogs with them. These two breeds dogs bred resulting in a sheep dog perfect for the British Isles.


Border Collie Insurance

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