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The springer spaniel dog is a breed whose origin dates back several centuries and has remained almost unchanged. Springer Spaniels are very outgoing and social, with a robust build and a very docile character, making them excellent companions. By its nature, it is extremely agile, attentive and intelligent.

Springer spaniels are dogs that prefer to be outdoors and run around the countryside because they are very energetic, but they adapt perfectly to the city as long as they can enjoy their daily walks and exercises.

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Springer Spaniel Character

It is a very friendly and sociable breed, as well as cheerful and very docile. It is a dog that is always very attentive to what is happening in its environment because this breed was originally used for hunting. The English springer spaniel is a very intelligent dog, so its education will be easy as long as the proper techniques are used.

They can become very playful and socialize well with children and other dogs. Although it is very rare, some may be more inactive, but most prefer to be active almost always. Like many other dogs, they are attracted to puddles and love to wade in.

Springer Spaniel Appearance

The springer spaniel is a medium-sized breed of dog, with a height of 50 cm at the withers and a weight between 17 and a little over 20 kg. It is a slender dog and its legs, like its robust body, are large and quite long, which allows it to cover long distances in a short time. Its appearance remains almost unchanged, with large, expressive eyes and a characteristic dark hazelnut tone. The muzzle is wide and proportional in size to the skull, which is rounded. However, among the characteristics of the English springer spaniel, it stands out the most is its drooping and long ears, similar to those of a cocker spaniel.

The coat of the English springer spaniel is not very long and should be straight and dense.

Conditions which affect this breed

This breed of dog, like many others, can present conditions that are typical or common in them. For example, in many English Springer Spaniels and many breeds of dogs with long, floppy ears, the development of ear infections is very common, so it is important to check the ears and ear canals weekly. They may also have problems with eyelashes that curl in or out (distichiasis), which can cause a lot of discomforts and can be corrected through a small surgery. Cataracts can also occur in older individuals.

In good health, the life expectancy of the English springer spaniel is between 10 and 15 years, which will also depend on the type of life and many other factors that can develop during the animal's life.

Weird Fact..

The Springer Spaniel is a type of gun dog created by German settlers in England around the 1750s. The breed was originally known as the "Alsatian Pointer" because it was bred to hunt game birds, but it didn't become popular until after WWII when British soldiers brought them back home with them.

Springer Spaniel History

As its name indicates ("spaniel"), this line of dogs comes from Spain, yet it has English roots and dates back to the 16th century, when their ancestors were hunting companions and were used to catch prey, make them come out and jump out of their hiding places (hence the name "springer", from English meaning "to make the jump"). Their old name was Norfolk spaniel since they came from Norfolk, England.

In the 19th century, a different line separate from the English line began to be selected. For this reason, there are currently two lines of springer, the English and the Welsh, the English being the oldest hunting dog breed, which remains pure to this day.

Springer Spaniel Insurance

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