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The Manchester terrier is an elegant and compact dog with an enthusiastic and lively character. It is a very good family dog that can live in urban environments without a problem. It is ideal for families with children or sporty owners.

Its name refers to the city of Manchester, from which it comes. This dog was previously used as a hunting dog for rodents and bred to control urban pests. Today, the Manchester Terrier is also a great companion dog.

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Manchester Terrier Character

The Manchester terrier is a dog with an intelligent character, very agile, energetic and with a great desire to learn and to please its owners. His temperament is very terrier, as he is somewhat independent, proud and courageous, so he does not shy away from the action or even a fight.

Thanks to his behavior, he is always extraordinarily alert and vigilant, as if he acted on a spring and never rested, an aspect that makes him a good watchdog, warning of any strange presence near the house.

Likewise, it falls within what is known as "one person" breeds because, although it maintains an excellent relationship with the family and the people around it, due to its personality, it gives its heart and absolute fidelity to a single person.

Manchester Terrier Appearance

The Manchester Terrier is a dog with a compact, elegant, solid and powerful appearance. The skull is elongated, flat and narrow, and wedge-shaped. The muzzle, well-filled under the eyes, has tight lips. The eyes are small and bright, oval in shape. The ears are small, in the shape of a "V", and are carried above the upper line of the head, falling on the forehead above the eyes. The trunk is short, with well-sprung ribs and compact hips. The extremities are straight, of a length proportional to the body. The tail is short, thick at the root and tapered at the end, and it does not exceed the dorsal line.

Conditions which affect this breed

Manchester Terriers are known for their intelligence, but they also have a lot of physical health issues. Their ears can get infected, which is called ear mite infestation. This problem can be treated with antibiotics and medicated shampoos.

The Manchester Terrier is a healthy breed that does not usually present outstanding health problems, nor of a natural nature. However, in some cases, they may present diseases such as diabetes mellitus, luxating kneecaps and dislocated tibia.

They also tend to get hip dysplasia at an early age, which causes pain in the hips and legs. Hip dysplasia can be treated with surgery and medications that slow down bone cartilage growth.

Weird Fact..

Manchester Terrier is a giant of the dog world. Not only does it have a large head, but also it's very smart and active. They are friendly, and they are easy to train. They love to play with other dogs. They are loyal and brave too!

Manchester Terrier History

It is the modern version of a ratter dog called the “Old black and tan terrier”, very popular in the 19th century in the cities of the north of England, where it probably lived for centuries. In the United States, it is common to crop the ears. This practice took place in England before the entry into force of a decree signed by the Prince of Wales in 1898 that prohibited all types of amputations. Since then, the breed has lost popularity and was at risk of extinction. Currently, it isn't easy to recover the breed in its entirety.

Manchester Terrier Insurance

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