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Manchester Terriers are sleek, agile dogs known for their keen hunting instincts and elegant appearance. They have a smooth, black and tan coat, a compact size, and an alert expression.

Originally bred for ratting and rabbit coursing, they are intelligent, spirited, and affectionate, making them lively and engaging companions. It is an ideal breed for families with children, or sporty owners.

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Manchester Terrier Character

The Manchester Terrier is an intelligent, agile, and energetic dog with a keen desire to learn and please its owners. True to its terrier nature, it displays independence, pride, and courage, unafraid of action or confrontation. Always extraordinarily alert and vigilant, this breed makes an excellent watchdog, keenly alerting to any unusual presence. Typically a "one-person" dog, the Manchester Terrier forms strong bonds with its family but often shows devoted loyalty to one specific person, reflecting its unique personality.

Manchester Terrier Appearance

Manchester Terriers are sleek, graceful dogs with a distinct black and tan coat. They have a compact, muscular build, with a smooth, glossy coat. Standard Manchester Terriers stand about 15-16 inches tall and weigh around 12-22 pounds, while the Toy variety is smaller, typically under 12 inches tall and weighing about 6-8 pounds. They have pointed ears, a narrow head, and bright, alert eyes, giving them an attentive appearance.

Conditions which affect this breed

Manchester Terriers are predisposed to a few different health conditions, however generally speaking they are a healthy breed. Cardiac issues, hypothyroidism, and kneecap disposition can occur in this breed, as well as ear and eye problems.


Manchester Terrier History

Manchester Terriers originated in England, specifically from the Manchester region, during the 19th century. They were initially bred by crossing a Whippet with a cross-bred Terrier, creating a fast and agile ratting dog suited for both rural and urban environments. Their development was closely tied to the rise of rat-baiting and rabbit coursing as popular sports in Victorian England. Their sleek build and keen hunting instincts made them excellent at these tasks. Over time, the breed evolved from a working terrier into the companion dog we know today, retaining its characteristic appearance and spirited temperament.

Manchester Terrier Insurance

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