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Pomeranians are small, fluffy toy dogs known for their vibrant personality and luxurious double coat, often in shades of orange, white, black, or cream. They are intelligent, alert, and curious, with a fox-like expression.

Despite their tiny size, Pomeranians are confident and bold, making them popular and affectionate companions.

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Pomeranian Character

Pomeranians are known for their lively, spirited, and confident temperament. Despite their small size, they often exhibit a bold and curious nature, displaying a fearless attitude towards larger dogs and new environments. These tiny dogs are intelligent and respond well to training, although their independent streak can sometimes present a challenge. Pomeranians are affectionate and love being the centre of attention, thriving on human companionship.

They can be prone to excessive barking if not properly trained. Their alertness makes them good watchdogs. Socialization from an early age is important to prevent them from becoming overly suspicious of strangers or new situations. They are well-suited to families and individuals seeking an energetic and engaging small dog.

Pomeranian Appearance

The Pomeranian dog is one of the smallest of the toy dog group, weighing between 3-7 pounds, with a height of 6/7 inches. They boast a luxurious, fluffy double coat which can make them seem bigger than they are, and a distinctive plumed tail fanning over their back.

Pomeranians can be any colour and pattern, from shades of light gold to deep red, solid black, or pied. A fox-like face with bright, alert eyes, small ears, and a short, pointed muzzle, gives them a perky and inquisitive expression.

Conditions which affect this breed

Pomeranians are susceptible to several health issues. Dental problems are common due to their small mouths and overcrowded teeth. They may suffer from luxating patella, where the kneecap slips out of place, and tracheal collapse, causing breathing difficulties. Hypoglycaemia, heart conditions, eye disorders like cataracts, and skin allergies are also concerns.

Weird Fact..

One of the more fascinating anecdotes about Pomeranians is that two of them were among the survivors of the Titanic sinking in 1912. The dogs, named Lady and Sun Yat-Sen, were owned by first-class passengers and survived because they were small enough to be brought aboard lifeboats. Their survival is a testament to the bond between owners and their pets, as well as the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the Titanic's ill-fated voyage. This incident highlights the Pomeranians' status as cherished companion animals, even during one of history's most tragic maritime disasters.

Pomeranian History

The Pomeranian, named after the Pomerania region in Northern Poland and Western Germany, descends from large sled dog breeds of the Arctic. The breed was miniaturised over generations and gained popularity among European royalty in the 18th century.

Queen Victoria of England played a significant role in popularising the breed; she fell in love with a smaller-sized Pomeranian and began breeding them, further reducing their size. Known for their luxurious coat and fox-like features, Pomeranians became a fashionable accessory for nobility. Today, these small, spunky, and affectionate dogs are cherished as companions worldwide, known for their lively spirit and bold temperament.

Pomeranian Insurance

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