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Especially popular amongst city dwellers, the French Bulldog is one of the worlds most popular small dog breeds and especially popular in the UK. Its nick names include Frenchie, Frog dog and Clown Dog.

The Frenchie has large bat like ears which have become this stocky dogs "trademark". The Frenchie is so popular that in 2020 they were the 2nd most popular registered dog in the UK, they are extremely adaptable to both homes and small apartments and make a great choice for first time dog owners.

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French Bulldog Character

The French Bulldog is usually an easy going, patient and affectionate breed of dog, they tend to like close contact with humans and companionship and have a willingness to please.

One nickname they are known by, the Clown dog tells you all you need to know about their character, typically fun loving dogs that get along with with other breeds and are usually great around with children. 

French Bulldog Appearance

The Frenchie is a ball of muscle, compact, similar to the Boston terrier and bulldog. The bat ears are its stand out feature appearance wise and can come in a wide variety of colours.

They are one of the lower maintenance dog breeds with a reasonably low level of shedding although this does increase in spring and autumn.

Conditions which affect this breed

Due to selective breeding, unfortunately French Bulldogs can experience Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome which leads to difficulty breathing due to narrow nostril opens, narrow tracheas (part of the airways system) and a long soft palate. Some French Bulldogs require an operation to remove parts of the soft palate which improves airway passage considerably.  With a single short and potentially reduced breathing ability, the French Bulldog can find it difficult to regulate their own body temperature in the same way other dog breeds do. 

Frenchies can experience Congenital Vertebral which occurs in the womb, any birth defects can cause problems and issues through the animals spine. The can lead to herniated discs and pressure on the spinal cord.

Obesity can be a real issue for the French Bulldog breed, they are prone to putting on weight and can quickly increase in size if not given enough exercise or fed a bad diet. This obesity leads to further health issues and can shorten the dogs lives if not looked at. 

Weird Fact..

Celebrities love a Frenchie, Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, The Rock and Leonardo DiCaprio all have French Bulldogs.

French Bulldog History

Bred from Bulldogs in England with small Terrier, the French Bulldog is essentially a Toy Bulldog. During the 1860s lace workers from Nottingham began to settle in Normandy of France and took the Toy Bulldogs with them. They become fashionable in France and popular among society ladies, artists, writers and fashion designers. 

French Bulldog Insurance

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