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An independent, alert character and his protective instinct define the Scottish Terrier. Despite being very reserved with strangers and somewhat distant in private, these dogs establish good relationships with the people with whom they share their lives. Because of his somewhat sober personality, his adoption is recommended for older people and families with grown children. Read on to find out more details about the particularities of this breed.

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Scottish Terrier Character

If you want a trustworthy and reliable companion dog by your side, who is also alert, With the Scottie, you made the right decision. You can still see the old use as a hunting dog in your dog. He is brave and a four-legged dog with a lot of character. His stubbornness must be controlled with calm consistency. As courageous as the terrier, he is gentle and friendly with his loved ones. This also applies to children. With strangers, he is reserved but does not attract attention with his barking. It's important to keep this smart and hard-working four-legged friend busy. Agility and obedience training (obedience drills) are just what this sturdy little dog needs.

Scottish Terrier Appearance

Scottish Terriers have a very compact body, which in motion gives them a dynamic appearance. The loin is muscular, and they have a straight and perfectly level topline. The chest is broad, with rounded ribs.

The legs are short, a differential characteristic of the breed. They are both thick and heavy but very athletic. The thighs are powerful and deep, while the front feet are slightly larger than the hind feet. The tail is in proportion to the rest of the body, thick at the set and tapering towards the tip.

For its part, the head is long, with a wide and practically flat skull. The muzzle is strong and deep, with a long black nose. The cheeks are flat, and the eyes are almond-shaped and dark in color. Another distinguishing feature is the profuse eyebrows, which give it an intelligent expression.

The coat is well attached to the body. It has a double coat: the inner one is dense, soft and quite short, while the superficial one is hard, abundant and with a wire texture. The most common color in the Scottish Terrier is black, although there are also wheat-colored specimens with brindle fur.

Conditions which affect this breed

Scottish Terrier cramps are an intrinsic condition of the breed, but it is not detrimental to their health. These episodes usually occur when they are very excited, for example, during intense exercise. It is an abnormal movement of the back and its extremities, which can be treated with painkillers.

Another disease with a higher incidence in these terriers is Von Willebrand's, an inherited condition in the blood that affects its clotting capacity. Patellar luxation is also common and causes problems with walking.

Weird Fact..

The Scottish Terrier is also known for being extremely loyal to its owners and family members. Queen Victoria, Gilbert Chesterton, Eva Braun, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Rudyard Kipling, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Ed Whitfield, Polish President Lech Kaczynski and other famous people who are known to have owned Scotties.

Scottish Terrier History

These dogs are descendants of the Old Scottish Terrier, the oldest native breed of the British Isles. The variety we know today developed over several hundred years on the Isle of Skye and in the Scottish Highlands. In fact, in an early classification, they were part of the Skye breed along with the West Highland Terrier and the Cairn Terrier. The three had as their main function the hunting of foxes, badgers and rats. They chased them right into their burrows.

The 18th century came to an end, the different aspects of the terrier were differentiated, and the Scotsman was finally able to enjoy his own standard. In the 20th century, they became great winners in dog shows and were very popular for their relationship with the world of cinema and politics. Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis and President Roosevelt were some characters who fell at his feet. But if there is a Scottish Terrier that has remained in the minds of several generations, it is Jock, the best friend of the Queen dog in "Lady and the Tramp".

Scottish Terrier Insurance

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