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Scottish Terriers - or Scotties - are a small, sturdy breed, with an independent and alert character. These dogs establish good relationships with their families, but can sometimes be distant and reserved. Because of his somewhat sober personality, the Scottie is recommended for older people and families with grown children.

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Scottish Terrier Character

Scottish Terriers are trustworthy, reliable, and alert, which reflects their hunting past and their surprising attributes as watchdog. Their stubbornness must be controlled with a calm consistency, and agility/obedience training are just what Scotties need. Although courageous and reserved, this breed is gentle and friendly with loved ones.

Scottish Terrier Appearance

Scottish Terriers, commonly known as Scottie dogs, are small and muscular with distinctive features. They have a compact body, erect ears, and a bushy beard. Their double coat is rough on the outside and soft underneath, coming in various colours.

Scotties possess a broad skull, dark almond-shaped eyes, and a short tail carried upright. Although they appear thick-set and heavy with their stout, strong legs, they are extremely athletic. This breed exudes a dignified and serious demeanour, characterized by loyalty and independence, making them easily recognizable and charming pets.

Conditions which affect this breed

Scottish Terriers experience cramps as an innate condition of their breed. This is not detrimental and usually only occurs when they're excited - for example, during intense exercise.

Another disease with a higher incidence in Scotties is Von Willebrand's, an inherited condition in the blood that affects its clotting capacity. Patellar luxation is also common and causes problems with walking.

Weird Fact..

It's known that Bette Davis and President Roosevelt favoured the Scottie. But if there is a Scottish Terrier that has remained in the minds of several generations, it is Jock, the best friend of the Queen dog inĀ Lady and the Tramp.

Scottish Terrier History

These Scottish Terriers, or Scottie dogs, originated in Scotland, as their name suggests. The exact origin of the breed is not well-documented, but they are believed to have been bred in the 19th century from various terrier breeds native to Scotland. These dogs were primarily used for hunting small game like rats, foxes, and badgers.

Over time, they were selectively bred to develop the distinctive appearance and characteristics that we associate with Scottie dogs today, including their wiry coat, erect ears, and feisty personality. They gained popularity as both working dogs and beloved companions, eventually becoming a recognised breed in the late 19th century.

Scottish Terrier Insurance

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