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The German Shepherd also goes by the name of the Alsatian and are potentially one of the worlds most recognizable dog breeds being both extremely popular in the US and having appearing in several films in the past. Its also the most popular breed for a police dog in many countries. 

Able to run up to 32 miles per hour, they are know for being one of the fastest canine breeds and they also have one of the strongest bites.

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German Shepherd Character

The German Shepherd is an active, self assured, loyal, curious dog. They have a interest in learning and want a purpose. As one of the most intelligent dog breeds and their curious nature then make great police, guard and search dogs. They are fairly protective dogs who don't then to warm to strangers quickly and can be become protective over either family or territory especially if not socialized. They are highly trainable but need companionship and exercise else they become bored and frustrated.

German Shepherd Appearance

As a medium to large sized dog, the standard height is around 60-65 cm for males and between 55-60 cm a female. Most German Shepherds are either tan and black or red and black although its possibly to get an all colours coat. Most of the colour patterns have the dogs with a black mask where the nuzzle has a black colour to it.

The have a double coat which is fairly dense and a thick undercoat.

Weird Fact..

In 1921, a German Shepherd named Strongheart became one of the earliest canine film stars as has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame along with Rin Tin Tin, another German Shepherd who followed soon after.

German Shepherd History

A German cavalry officer by the name of Captain Max Von Stephanitz saw a powerful wolf like dog in the late 1899, the dog offered excellent herding skills and required little training. Von Stephanitz bred this dog on the ideal of creating a perfect herd dog. It was Von Stephanitz who switched the focus from herding dog to military and policy force dogs.

Before Von Stephanitz, farmers in Germany had used dogs to drive their herds and they would bred their dogs with what they thought was the most suitable but there wasn't a distinct breed. The German breeder studied how the British had managed their breeding techniques especially in relation the the herding dogs and followed suit purchasing a dog named Hektor Linksrhein and a society was created to found a breed for Heckor's descendants. Using his connections within the military he agreed with the German government to use the German Shepherd during the first world war, the dogs served as Red Cross dogs, messengers, rescue dogs, guard dogs, supply carriers and sentry duties. Its this link to the military that founded the name Alsatian.

German Shepherd Insurance

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