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The Pug is a popular breed of dog with a distinctive short muzzled face. Also know as the Dutch bulldog, the Pug originated in China and has several famous celebrity owners. Offering a lot of dog, in not a lot of space the Pug is more often then not a great companion for the novice dog owner looking for an easy going pet.

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Pug Character

Pug have a reputation for being even tempered, charming, gentle and sociable dogs making excellent companions. Despite Pugs being strong willed they are not often aggressive making them perfect for families with children. They thrive on human companionship and love nothing more then following their owners around to get attention which created the nickname "shadows". They have a fairly snoozy nature.

Pug Appearance

Modern Pugs have a compact form with a short, square body and a deep chest. They have strong straight legs with either rose or button ears (the preferred breeding standard). The rose ears are smaller the that of the button ears and folded with the front edge of the ear resting against the side of pugs head. The tail typically curls over the hips to rest on the back of the dog.

The dogs have a smooth, glossy coat that can come in colours of fawn (either apricot or silver variety) or black. They have a dark, normally black trace of a line from the back of the head to the tail.

Conditions which affect this breed

Pugs can be susceptible to a number of skin conditions including demodectic manage due to a weakened immune system although this is usually easily treatable. The folds in their faces will often be cleaned by owners to help stop skin fold dermatitis. 

As a short muzzled breed this brings potential health issues including an issue with Pugs regulating their own body temperate, something dogs normally handle by panting. Some Pugs have stenotic nares which can further make breathing difficult, a condition the dog would be born with could require surgery to correct.

Eye prolapse and hip dysplasia can be fairly common along with obesity. 

Weird Fact..

The Men In Black film franchise features Frank the Pug, an extra-terrestrial in the disguise of a pug.

Pug History

Ruling families in China had bred the Pug to be companions and were considered royal dogs potentially as early as the Song Dynasty. They had lived lives in luxury often with guards. During the sixteenth century the dogs started to make their way Europe and become popular are European courts including the Netherlands, Spain, England and Italy. Pugs arrived in England in 1688 when William III and Mary II accepted the English throne and moved from the Netherlands.

A dog named Pompey reportedly alerted the Prince of Orange to approaching assassins from Spain in 1572. Pompey is included at the monument of William the Silent at the Church of St Ursula in Delft in South Holland although due to the animals face not being flat, many dispute it as a spaniel.

The Pug continued to be popular in France during the eighteenth century and in the nineteenth, Queen Victoria who bred pugs herself helped promote the breed and this passion passed onto other members of the Royal family and she particularly liked the apricot and fawn colours.

Most paintings of pugs show a longer muzzle and its not until the 21st century are when the shorter muzzles and legs started to show.

Pug Insurance

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