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When compared to other sighthounds, the whippet dog is one of the lighter varieties of greyhound. This dog resembled a small-sized greyhound and was formerly used as a hunting and racing dog. Of British origin, the whippet is a popular dog, generally for its slender and elegant demeanor. It is an active, playful and sociable dog that undoubtedly reminds us of the English greyhound.

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Whippet Character

The whippet has a calm, gentle, sweet and sensitive character. It can be reserved with strangers, so it is advisable to socialize it as a puppy to avoid shyness problems when the dog is an adult. However, some reserve with strangers can be helpful if you want an alarm guard dog.

These dogs get along well with children as long as the latter does not bother or hurt them. They are not dogs that like rough play and are not the best pets for small children. They make excellent pets for children of legal age who can control themselves and treat their dogs well.

It is not easy to keep a whippet together with another small pet, given that these dogs have a strong desire to hunt and tend to chase and capture all small, fast-moving animals. Whippets have been known to injure other pets, such as cats and rabbits. However, they usually get along well with other dogs.

Whippet Appearance

Just looking at it has a delicate and fragile appearance. However, a deeper knowledge of the breed reveals strong and resistant dogs with a good predisposition to physical activity.

It has a long, thin head, just like its muzzle. His eyes are oval, bright and with a very lively expression. The small, rose-shaped ears are fine in texture. The long, muscular neck is arched. The back is broad, firm and somewhat long, while the loin is strong and slightly curved.

The whippet's tail is long and ends with a sharp point. Although the dog picks it up when active, it never carries it over its back. The coat is fine, short, tight, and can be any color.
They are dogs with a calm, gentle, sweet and sensitive characters. They can be reserved with strangers, so it is advisable to socialize with them as a puppy to avoid shyness problems when the dog is an adult.

Conditions which affect this breed

The typical lifespan of a Whippet Greyhound is between 12 and 15 years, but they can be subject to some ailments that are relatively common in the breed. Therefore, these dogs can suffer: waterfalls, Heart problems, progressive retinal atrophy, thyroid problems, and Chemical and drug hypersensitivity.

In addition, they have very thin skin that can be easily damaged. Following the dog's vaccination schedule and going to the vet every 6 months can prevent many health problems or treat them promptly when they appear.

Weird Fact..

Whippet is a small dog breed that originated in England, and they are known for their long, thin but pliable body. Whippets have long legs and necks, as well as very small heads. Their tails are curled up tightly around their bodies.

Whippet History

Of British origin, the whippet dog originated from the crossing of the greyhound and terrier-type dogs. The crosses gave rise to one of the fastest existing dogs, capable of reaching 60 kilometers per hour in a few seconds. The whippet is the dog that achieves the greatest acceleration.

Originally, whippets were considered the small, lightweight version of the greyhound, but as they developed, breeders wanted this type of dog to also have the stamina of the Italian greyhound. These dogs were used as racing dogs and hunting dogs for hares and rabbits. Currently, these activities are not common, and pet whippets that enjoy a peaceful life without having to work are becoming more common.

It should be noted that the Kennel Club did not officially recognize the whippet dog breed in England until 1890; in fact, in 1899, the Whippet Club Foundation was created.

Whippet Insurance

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