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One of the most well known gun dogs around, the Golden Retriever is an extremely popular family pet who looks like they are smiling all the time with their "soft mouth". They are often confused with the yellow Labrador but the lab has a shorter coat, one of the main and easiest ways to spot difference between the two.

They make great disability assistance dogs such as guide dogs for example, as well as being brilliant as either hunting or detection dogs. This is a medium to large dog which was original bred to retrieve shot game such as waterfowl, ducks and various birds, hence the soft mouth which is able to carry birds without damaging them.

A typical Golden Retriever puppy currently costs around £1,500 to £3,000 at time of writing (2021) although the cheapest KC registered Golden Retriever we found was £1,000.

Are you looking to insure your Golden Retriever? It's worth considering Golden Retriever pet insurance if you are looking to protect yourself against unexpected vet bills.

Golden Retriever Character

This breed of dog loves the water and they are considered an easy to train dog even for advanced tricks and tasks.

They offer a kind, friendly, trusting, calm and confident temperament. They have a great eagerness to please and are intelligent and easy to train. These traits make the breed a regular in obedience and agility trials. Golden Retrievers are great family dogs, active and patient, good with children.

Due to their friendly and trusting nature they don't typically make the best of guard dogs but excel in many other working tasks especially as guide dogs and disability assistance dogs.

The Golden Retriever is vary rarely considered a fussy eater.

Golden Retriever Appearance

The Golden Retriever comes in three coat colours blonde, yellow or gold and have a water repellent wavy coat. Its this wavy golden coat which differentiates the breed from several other retrieve dog types. British Golden Retrievers that are found throughout Europe and Australia tend to be more muscular with lighter coats then the American types. 

Requiring regular grooming, the Golden Retriever does shed its fur although frequent grooming should reduce this.

Conditions which affect this breed

Cancer is the breeds biggest killer for this dog breed with the most common form Hemangiosarcoma, especially common in both German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. A fifth a the dogs have hip and elbow dysplasia and various joint problems can be experienced including patella luxation and osteochondritis. Heart diseases and skin problems can often also cause issues and are common.

The average Golden Retriever lives for roughly 11 to 12 years.

Weird Fact..

The golden retriever has appears in several tv series and films including the Air Bud franchise, Homeward Bound, Pixar Animation Studio's UP, Cats & Dogs as well as Blue Peter (with a dog named Goldie appearing between 1978 to 1986). 

Golden Retriever History

During the mid 19th century at he highland estate of Dudley Marjoribanks, a Scottish businessman and politician developed the first Golden Retriever. This was based off the Russian Tracker which is a now extinct breed of dog who helped herd flocks in the Caucasus Mountains, a mountain range between Asia and Europe. The Russian Tracker was a large dog but fast, flexible and intelligent.

One of the original dogs in the lineage was Belle, a Tweed Water Spaniel and another, Nous was a yellow coloured retriever. This cross created four puppies who became the start of the Golden Retriever breeding program along with the Irish Setter, a Bloodhound. St Johns Water Dog and two black coated wavy retrievers. Marjoribanks ideal was to create a more powerful retriever that would be gentle for use in hunting.

Golden Retriever Insurance

When looking to insure your Golden Retriever its worth shopping around, with a Golden Retriever insurance comparison you may be able to save both time and money so why not get a Golden Retriever insurance quote today.

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